How long will my new lashes last?
Dinky Lash products are designed to last up to 7 days. With correct application and good after care your lashes will last as long as 7 days. Check our Instagram/ Facebook page for top tips on how to apply/ make your lashes last as long as possible. Your lashes may exceed the 7 days, which is ok as long as you are keeping your eyes clean. 

Do you advise patch testing?
Yes, yes, yes! Whenever trying a new product, it is so important to patch test before use. Just because you have never had a reaction to any other products, doesn't mean you are safe from all other products. Different products contain different ingredients, so it is always a good idea to be safe. 

What should I do if I have a reaction?
Cease use immediately. Clean your eyes with warm water to remove any of the product. If irritation persists, contact a health professional. 

My lashes don't feel comfortable, have I put them on wrong?
When your lashes are applied, they should not feel uncomfortable. If you can rule out an allergic reaction to the bond/ seal then it is likely they have not been placed correctly. The most common issue is that there is a segment too far down and can make your eye feel slightly 'scratchy' or watery. You will need to reapply this segment. 

Can the lashes be reused?
Yes, lashes can be reused. It is important to remove any old bond and make sure they are clean. Brush the lashes also. 

Are the lashes waterproof?
To a point, yes. The lashes are designed to withstand some water. If the lashes meet with high pressured water or get soaked, it may cause them to detach and not last as long. 

 Should I put mascara on also?
No, the Dinky Lashes are designed to only be used with our bond. The bond is black and will give a mascara look anyway. 

Is Dinky Lash cruelty free?
Yes, Dinky Lash products are strictly cruelty free and no animals are used for testing. 

Will they damage my natural lashes?
Any lash products have the potential to damage your natural lashes. With correct application, hygiene and most of all correct removal your natural lashes should have little/ no damage. Watch our videos on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to see correct application and removal.