About Us

Dinky Lash is a brand new company as of February 2023. Launched after owner Lenina fell in love with DIY segment lashes,

Lenina decided to create her own brand, sourcing the best quality cluster lashes with the best ethical processes. 

The name 'Dinky Lash' was born as a dedication to Lenina's two miracle children whose nicknames are Dinks and Monkey.. mash it up and you get Dinky!

Lenina spent years spending hundreds of pounds on having her lashes done by lash technicians, however it quickly became unaffordable and due to having small children, Lenina was finding it difficult to find any time to visit the salons. 

After trying the DIY segment lashes, Lenina realised how quick, easy and affordable this alternative was and quickly found a passion she had not really heard about. 

Dinky Lash focuses on DIY segment lashes which are applied on the underside of your natural lashes in 4/5 small clusters. With proper application and aftercare the lashes can last up to 7 days. Full salon looking lashes in less than 15 minutes!

The clusters are easy to remove with our Dinky Lash remover minimising damage to the natural lashes underneath. 

In a range of different styles, there is a lash style to suit everyone.